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Role of oleic acid in the metabolism of essential fatty acids

Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society

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Groups of young male guinea pigs were fed diets containing corn oil, coconut oil, coconut oil plus elaidic acid, and coconut oil plus oleic acid. The oleic acid-fed group showed signs of essential fatty acid deficiency after four weeks and severe signs after eight weeks. The elaidic acid-fed group did not show these symptoms. It is proposed that oleic acid competes competitively with linoleic acid as a substrate for the enzymes involved in linoleate transformations when only a very limited supply of linoleic acid is available to the animals and oleic acid is made available in relatively large amounts.

A detailed analysis of the serum, liver, and adipose tissue lipid and a study of the incorporation of acetate-1-C14 into different lipids is presented.

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This paper is based on work supported in part by United States Public Health Grant No. HTS 5306 and by a grant from the Nutrition Foundation Inc., New York.

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Dhopeshwarkar, G.A., Mead, J.F. Role of oleic acid in the metabolism of essential fatty acids. J Am Oil Chem Soc 38, 297–301 (1961).

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