Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society

, Volume 40, Issue 8, pp 319–329 | Cite as

A review on petroselinic acid and its derivatives

  • Lida L. Placek


This publication contains a comprehensive review of literature on petroselinic acid and its derivatives. All known sources of petroselinic acid including its synthetic derivation have been explored and described. The different plant species, whose seeds offer an oil reported to contain petroselinic acid, have been listed and the amounts of oil and their prevalent fatty acid components given. Its method of isolation from the naturally occurring triglycerides and identification have been discussed. The descriptions of characteristics and properties of petroselinic acid and its various derivatives are also included. In many cases they have been compared to oleic acid and other related fatty acids and their derivatives. The various methods of chemical modification of petroselinic acid have been, investigated and the derivatives obtained have been summarized in tabular form. Some potential uses for petroselinic acid and the products obtained from it have also been discussed. This review was designed to show that is known about petroselinic acid to date, and perhaps to create further interest in research on this unique naturally occurring octadecenoic acid.


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  • Lida L. Placek
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  1. 1.Southern Regional Research Laboratory, Southern Utilization Research and Development DivisionU.S.D.A.New Orleans

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