Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff

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Versuche über die Verwendung von Nägeln zur Erzeugung eines ausreichenden Preßdrucks bei der Bauholzleimung

  • Hans Kolb

On the use of nails for pressing glue joints in wood constructions


The question whether noils can be used for the manufacture of good glue bonds instead of the usual pressing lools was investigated. The results are as follows: The variation of pressure forces obtained by nails with the same diameter is to a large extent contingent on the structure of the wood. The shear test on small specimens showed a clear decrease in strength of the nailed products compared to the products pressed by cramps. The main tests that were conducted on threepiece rectangle-girders, I-girders and laminated-girders proved that the bonding strengths can be achieved by a careful application of the wire nails. Thus can be stated that it is possible to produce the required pressure by means of wire nails when gluing with filling glues. Note must be made of the fact, however, I. that the average moisture content of the specimens was 12-15%, 2. that they were chosen and worked with special care, 3. that they were comparatively small with regard to conditions prevailing in practice.


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