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The Negros de Aras Nuée Ardente deposits: a cataclysmic eruption of Socompa volcano (Andes of Atacama, Chile)

  • B. Deruelle


Studies of ERT Satellite photographic documents and of acrial photographs with complementary lield work reveal the presence of recent very large nuée ardente deposits north-west of Socompa Volcano (Andean Cordillera of Atacama, northern Chile).

Three zones are distinguishable from the bottom of Socompa Volcano to the front of the nuée ardente deposits: 1) pumice blocks are covered with parallel ridges of debris (lava blocks) from the north-western flank of Socompa Volcano, 2) pumice blocks lie upon small cones and flows from El Negrillar volcanoes located inside the graben of Negros de Aras, 3) pumice flow threads its way between cones and flows from El Negrillar volcanoes and stops more than 40 km away from the base of Socompa Volcano.

The calculated thermal energy of this cruption is 7.9 × 1025 ergs, being in the range of of the most important recorded eruptions on earth.

The pumice is almost aphyric (rare plagioclase, hypersthene and hornblende phenocrysts) and is of dacite composition lying pertectly on the K2O-SiO2 trend of the Socompa Volcano. Trace and major element data of the pumice are similar to those of two dacites from a pre-nuée lava flow and a post-nuée lava dome of Socompa Volcano and support a common magmatic origin with the Socompa Volcano lavas.

A relative chronology is proposed.


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  • B. Deruelle
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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Pétrographie-Volcanologie, Département de GéologieUniversité de Paris XIOrsayFrance

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