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  • Theme 1 Systematic Reconnaissance Mapping and Registration of Slope Movements. Estimation of Risks Dueto Landslides. Influence of Geological and Climatic Conditions on Slope Instability Methods and Economic Importance of the Registration of Slope Movements
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An empirical method for the evaluation of relative landslip risk

Une méthode empirique a l’évaluation du risque relatif de glissment de terrain


There is a need for a simple method of determing relative landslip risk in clay slopes for land use planning and insurance purposes. A method is suggested which combines plasticity index, water conditions, slope angle, slope complexity and land use. The formulation is described and discussed and some examples from Tasmania are given.


Il y a besoin d’une méthode simple à déterminer le risque de glissement enpentes d’argle dans le but de la planification et de l’assurance. La méthode proposée combine la plasticité, les conditions de l’eau, l’angle de la pente, la complexité de la pente et l’utilisation de terrain. La formulation est décrite, discutée et illustrée par quelques exemples provenants de la Tasmanie.

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Geological Survey of Tasmania-Department of Mines, P. O. Box 124B, Hobart, Tasmania

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Stevenson, P.C. An empirical method for the evaluation of relative landslip risk. Bulletin of the International Association of Engineering Geology 16, 69–72 (1977).

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  • Slope Angle
  • Plasticity Index
  • Jointed Rock Mass
  • Atterberg Limit
  • Complex Landslide