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The effects of muscular exercise on glucose, free fatty acids, alanine and lactate in type I diabetic subjects in relation to metabolic control


Metabolic effects of muscular exercise were studied in eleven subjects with type I diabetes mellitus during poor metabolic control, and again during good metabolic control, and in ten healthy control subjects. All the subjects were submitted to a submaximal gradual triangular test on an electrically braked bicycle ergometer; glucose, FFA, alanine and lactate were measured at rest, and after exercise. In poorly controlled patients, glucose and FFA were unchanged after exercise, whereas blood alanine and lactate increased by a percentage similar to that of the controls, and well-controlled diabetic patients. Baseline alanine concentrations were lower and lactate concentrations higher than in the controls and well-controlled patients. After adequate metabolic control was achieved, in the well-controlled diabetic patients a normalization of pre-exercise alanine and lactate levels and a decrease in blood glucose and FFA after exercise was observed.

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