A characterization of the minimalbasis of the torus


D. König asks the interesting question in [7] whether there are facts corresponding to the theorem of Kuratowski which apply to closed orientable or non-orientable surfaces of any genus. Since then this problem has been solved only for the projective plane ([2], [3], [8]). In order to demonstrate that König’s question can be affirmed we shall first prove, that every minimal graph of the minimal basis of all graphs which cannot be embedded into the orientable surface f of genusp has orientable genusp+1 and non-orientable genusq with 1≦q≦2p+2. Then let f be the torus. We shall derive a characterization of all minimal graphs of the minimal basis with the nonorientable genusq=1 which are not embeddable into the torus. There will be two very important graphs signed withX 8 andX 7 later. Furthermore 19 graphsG 1,G 2, ...,G 19 of the minimal basisM(torus, >4) will be specified. We shall prove that five of them have non-orientable genusq=1, ten of them have non-orientable genusq=2 and four of them non-orientable genusq=3. Then we shall point out a method of determining graphs of the minimal basisM(torus, >4) which are embeddable into the projective plane. Using the possibilities of embedding into the projective plane the results of [2] and [3] are necessary. This method will be called saturation method. Using the minimal basisM(projective plane, >4) of [3] we shall at last develop a method of determining all graphs ofM(torus, >4) which have non-orientable genusq≧2. Applying this method we shall succeed in characterizing all minimal graphs which are not embeddable into the torus. The importance of the saturation method will be shown by determining another graphG 20G 1,G 2, ...,G 19 ofM(torus, >4).

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