Graph factors


This exposition is concerned with the main theorems of graph-factor theory, Hall’s and Ore’s Theorems in the bipartite case, and in the general case Petersen’s Theorem, the 1-Factor Theorem and thef-Factor Theorem. Some published extensions of these theorems are discussed and are shown to be consequences rather than generalizations of thef-Factor Theorem. The bipartite case is dealt with in Section 2. For the proper presentation of the general case a preliminary theory of “G-triples” and “f-barriers” is needed, and this is set out in the next three Sections. Thef-Factor Theorem is then proved by an argument of T. Gallai in a generalized form. Gallai’s original proof derives the 1-Factor Theorem from Hall’s Theorem. The generalization proceeds analogously from Ore’s Theorem to thef-Factor Theorem.

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