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Increased capillary endothelial leakage in portal hypertensive gastric mucosa: fluorescence microscopy in CCl4-induced cirrhotic rats


Since portal hypertension affects the gastric mucosa, leading to congestive gastropathy and thus to increased incidence of bleeding, it is one of the possible causes of increased permeability of gastric mucosal capillaries. The aim of this study was the quantitative assessment of the permeability of the gastric mucosal endothelial cells. Eight CCl4-induced cirrhotic rats and eight matched controls were subjected to i.v. injection of FITC-albumin, and a morphometric evaluation of fluorescence in serial histological sections of the gastric mucosa was performed by a video image analysis system. Fluorescence was found to be 0.351±0.01% of the area scanned in experimental animals versus 0.073±0.005% in controls, i.e. it was significantly increased by the treatment, which implies a significant endothelial leakage into the extravascular space.

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