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Chia seed oil

Contribution from Oil, Fat and Wax Laboratory Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Walter F. Baughman
  • George S. Jamieson
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The results of the determination of the chemical composition of chia seed oil are furnished below. The composition of two samples of linseed oil determined by Kaufmann and Keller9 is given for comparison.

The chia seed oil contains a very small amount of oleic glyceride—much less than linseed oil, practically the same amount of linolenic glyceride as the Calcutta linseed oil, and more than the LaPlata linseed oil. One would expect its drying power, therefore, to be equal or somewhat superior to that of linseed oil.


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  • Walter F. Baughman
  • George S. Jamieson

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