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The fatty acids and glycerides of babassu oil


The fatty acids of babassu oil were determined quantitatively by the ester fractionation procedure. The values found in molar percentages were: caproic 0.3, caprylic 7.1, capric 8.3, lauric 47.3, myristic 14.5, palmitic 7.1, stearic 2.0, arachidic 0.1, oleic 12.2, and linoleic acid 1.1. Confirmatory evidence for the presence of linoleic acid was obtained by the isolation of one of its characteristic derivatives, tetrabromostearic acid, m.p. 115°C. A similarity in fatty acid composition was shown between babassu oil and seed fats of other members of the Palmae family.

The molar proportion of trisaturated glycerides found in babassu oil (67.3%) was close to the proportion calculated (65.2%) on the assumption that all of the acids in babassu oil were distributed at random. Likewise, the determined fatty acid analysis of the trisaturated glycerides was a first approximation of the analysis calculated on the basis of complete random distribution of the component acids of the whole fat.

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This work was accomplished as part of a research program supported by a grant from the Buhl Foundation. A sample of babassu oil was furnished by the National Products Company, Harrison, New Jersey, through the courtesy of Mr. Roland Kapp.

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