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Lösungsanzahl der Gleichung |xd−czyd|=p

  • Klaus Langmann


For a homogenous polynomP ∈ℤ[X, Y] of degreed and forh ∈ ℕ letL(P, h) be the number of coprime solutions of the equation |P(x,y)|=h. Ift(h) is the number of distinct primefactors ofh, a theorem of Bombieri-Schmidt [1] givesL(P, h)≤Mdt(h)+1 in the cased≥3. We prove for a finite collection of polynomialsPw∈ℤ[X, Y] under some conditions, that\(\mathop \sum \limits_{w = 1}^k L(P_w ,h) \leqslant 2d^{t(h)} \) for almost allh ∈ℤ (Satz 1; “almost all” in the sense “except finitely many cases”). As a corollary (Folgerung 3/4) we get for sufficiently large primesp, that the equation |xdczyd|=p has at mostd+1 many solutions (x, y, z) ∈ ℕ3 withc∤y. Ford=2 we get an analogon to a theorem of Mao-Hua (Folgerung 5).


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  • Klaus Langmann
    • 1
  1. 1.Mathematisches InstitutMünster

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