Diseases of the Colon & Rectum

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Diagnosis and managemnet of endometriosis of the colon and rectum

  • Bruce Graham
  • W. Patrick Mazier
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Colon and rectal endometriosis is a relatively rare entity that may have a wide array of clinical symptomatology and radiographic findings. Thirty-two patients with a diagnosis of colon or rectal endometriosis were seen and treated at the Ferguson Clinic between 1960 and 1986. Diagnostic, pathologic, and therapeutic findings were reviewed. All patients, except one, had large-bowel symptoms. Ten patients had previous histories of pelvic endometriosis. When endometriosis in the colon causes significant symptoms or a neoplasm cannot be ruled out, partial colectomy is recommended. If pelvic endometriosis is extensive, removal of the endometriomas and reproductive organs should be entertained concurrent with bowel resection. Hormonal manipulation may be attempted in certain select patients with very close follow-up.

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  • Bruce Graham
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  • W. Patrick Mazier
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  1. 1.Ferguson HospitalGrand Rapids

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