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Claude F. Dixon 1893–1968


Claude Dixon was born in Piedmont, Kansas, on January 28, 1893. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Kansas in 1919 and his Doctor of Medicine from the same university in 1921. Following an internship at the University of Kansas Hospital, he entered Mayo Graduate School as a resident. In 1928 he became a member of the Clinic staff and head of the section of general surgery, a post he held until he retired in July 1957.

As a Fellow of the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Dixon was trained in operative surgery by Charles Mayo, whose first surgical assistant he was for two years. Dixon became increasingly interested in abdominal surgery, particularly in surgery of the colon. His reputation was recognized not only in this field, but also that of head and neck surgery. He contributed more than 300 papers to the surgical literature on a variety of subjects.

Claude Dixon is generally regarded as one of the leaders in the development of anterior resection. This operative procedure evolved over approximately 30 years to the point where it could be undertaken safely, without, in most instances, a diverting colostomy. In thisClassic article. Dixon still advises a transverse colostomy, but over the ensuing years he and others became more restrictive in implementing the procedure concurrently with anterior resection.

Dixon was a member of numerous surgical societies, both in the United States and abroad. He retired from the Mayo Clinic in 1957, and died on September 11, 1968, a few days after having undergone abdominal surgery.

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Read before the American Surgical Association, Quebec, Canada, May 27, 1948.

I am indebted to Dr. A. L. Lichtman and Dr. G. Lowe for some of the material used in preparation of this paper.

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