Treatment with neodymium: YAG laser in patients with chronic prostatitis: A preliminary reprot


A group of 30 patients with chronic abacterial prostatitis or prostatodynia, all of whom were unresponsive to conventional treatments, underwent transurethral neodymium: YAG laser therapy. The patients were evaluated with both objective and subjective parameters before and after treatment.

Following treatment, the preliminary results at six months showed positive response (complete plus partial) rates in subjective parameters ranging from 47% to 86%. On the other hand, objective parameters including mean international prostate symptom scores (IPSS), mean quality of life indexes (QoL), mean uroflowmetric measurements and mean leukocyte count in expressed prostatic secretions showed marked improvements which were meaningful statistically. In 4 of 7 patients who underwent needle biopsy of the prostate, histology revealed definite inflammatory infiltration changes. Control biopsies following treatment showed almost complete disappearance of these changes. These preliminary results open up a new treatment modality in the management of this condition which has so far responded poorly to conventional therapy.

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