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Cholesterol autoxidation in phospholipid membrane bilayers

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Lipid peroxidation in unilamellar liposomes of known cholesterol-phospholipid composition was monitored under conditions of autoxidation or as induced by a superoxide radical generating system, γ-irradiation or cumene hydroperoxide. Formation of cholesterol oxidation products was indexed to the level of lipid peroxidation. The major cholesterol oxidation products identified were 7-keto-cholesterol, isomeric cholesterol 5,6-epoxides, isomeric 7-hydroperoxides and isomeric 3,7-cholestane diols. Other commonly encountered products included 3,5-cholestadiene-7-one and cholestane-3β,5α,6β-triol. Superoxide-dependent peroxidation required iron and produced a gradual increase in 7-keto-cholesterol and cholesterol epoxides. Cholesterol oxidation was greatest in liposomes containing high proportions of unsaturated phospholipid to cholesterol (4∶1 molar ratio), intermediate with low phospholipid to cholesterol ratios (2∶1) and least in liposomes prepared with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine and cholesterol. This relationship held regardless of the oxidizing conditions used. Cumene hydroperoxide-dependent lipid peroxidation and/or more prolonge oxidations with other oxidizing systems yielded a variety of products where cholesterol-5β,6β-epoxide, 7-ketocholesterol and the 7-hydroperoxides were most consistently elevated. Oxyradical initiation of lipid peroxidation produced a pattern of cholesterol oxidation products distinguishable from the pattern derived by cumene hydroperoxide-dependent peroxidation. Our findings indicate that cholesterol autoxidation in biological membranes is modeled by the peroxide-induced oxidation of liposomes bearing unsaturated fatty acids and suggest that a number of cholesterol oxidation products are derived from peroxide-dependent propagation reactions occurring in biomembranes.

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thiobarbituric acid-reacting products


cumene hydroperoxide




adenosine diphosphate


xanthine oxidas


superoxide dismutase


thin layer chromatography














high pressure liquid chromatography




peroxidizability index


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