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Effect of neonatal food restriction and hyperphenylalaninemia on desmosterol to cholesterol (D/C) ratio in developing rat brain

  • S. N. Shah
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The sterol content and the ratio of desmosterol to cholesterol (D/C ratio) in brains of undernourished and hyperphenylalaninemic rats were measured. Neonatal food restriction resulted in a high D/C ratio, but the total sterol content did not change significantly. Phenylalanine treatment had no appreciable effect on the D/C ratio, but the total sterol content was reduced. The results suggest that neonatal food restriction leads to a block at the desmosterol reductase step, while treatment with phenylalanine inhibits sterol synthesis at a step prior to desmosterol.


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  • S. N. Shah
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  1. 1.Brain-Behavior Research CenterSonoma State HospitalEldridge

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