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Glycerides ofLimnanthes douglasii seed oil

  • Bruce E. Phillips
  • C. R. SmithJr.
  • W. H. Tallent


Brockerhoff-type procedures were used to determine the amounts of each acyl group at each glyceride position ofLimnanthes douglasii seed oil. During the course of the analyses, small quantities of three acids isomeric with those previously found in the oil were identified by their ozonolysis products and their gas-liquid chromatographic (GLC) behavior. The newly discovered constituents of the oil were 3-octadecenoic acid (0.1%), 5-octadecenoic acid (0.9%) and 11-eicosenoic acid (3%). The saturated acids and those with ω-9-unsaturation are esterified most often to β-glyceride positions inLimnanthes seed, while the acids with Δ5-unsaturation occur generally at the outer glyceride positions. Although the Δ5-unsaturated acids as a group exhibited no obvious preference for one outer position over the other, individual acids were unequally distributed between the 1- and 3-sn-glycerol positions. The probabilities of occurrence of the various triglycerides were calculated from the stereospecific analysis data by assuming a 1-random, 2-random, 3-random distribution of the acyl groups. The calculations are in agreement with the composition of the whole oil, as determined by GLC.


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  • Bruce E. Phillips
    • 1
  • C. R. SmithJr.
    • 1
  • W. H. Tallent
    • 1
  1. 1.Northern Regional Research LaboratoryPeoria

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