Ukrainian Mathematical Journal

, Volume 48, Issue 11, pp 1669–1676 | Cite as

Estimate of error of an approximated solution by the method of moments of an operator equation

  • M. L. Gorbachuk
  • R. Ya. Yakymiv


For an equationAu = f whereA is a closed densely defined operator in a Hilbert spaceH, f εH, we estimate the deviation of its approximated solution obtained by the moment method from the exact solution. All presented theorems are of direct and inverse character. The paper refers to direct methods of mathematical physics, the development of which was promoted by Yu. D. Sokolov, the well-known Ukrainian mathematician and mechanic, a great humanitarian and righteous man. We dedicate this paper to his blessed memory.


Entire Function Operator Equation Closed Operator Exponential Type Moment Method 
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  • M. L. Gorbachuk
  • R. Ya. Yakymiv

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