Bulletin Géodésique (1946-1975)

, Volume 15, Issue 1, pp 43–51 | Cite as

Changes of deflections of the plumb-line brought about by a change of the reference-ellipsoid

  • F. A. Vening Meinesz
Notices Scientifiques


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  1. (1).
    Lambert requested the writer to take this up and he was glad to do so; the present paper gives the result.Google Scholar
  2. (2).
    We may state here once for all that for the values ofN occurring in practice we need not distinguish between a projection of a station from the geoid to the ellipsoid along the normal to the geoid or along the normal to the ellipsoid or along the cuive between both surfaces that is everywhere tangent to the direction of gravity; it can easily be seen that their differences may be neglected.Google Scholar

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  • F. A. Vening Meinesz

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