Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 40, Issue 12, pp 1192–1197 | Cite as

High-voltage generator with inductive energy store and plasma-based microsecond current interrupter

  • B. A. Kablambaev
  • N. A. Ratakhin


Experimental study of a plasma-based microsecond current interrupter, with electrodynamic acceleration of the plasma along a coaxial electrode system and expansion at a nozzle, shows the possibility of stable current switching close to its maximum. The possibility of improving the characteristics of this interrupter using a highresistance link between the interrupter and the primary energy store—a capacitor battery—is demonstrated. The voltage and power may be increased by factors of 10 and 4.5, respectively.


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  • B. A. Kablambaev
  • N. A. Ratakhin

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