Physical Oceanography

, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 225–229 | Cite as

The hydrometeorologic conditions facilitating shoaling of marketable fish off the Somali coast during summer monsoon

  • N. P. Bulgakov
  • P. D. Lomakin
  • I. A. Chekalin
Experimental and Field Research


The paper concentrates on the structure and synoptic variability of the meteorological, hydrophysical and chemical fields in the Somali continental shelf area during summer monsoon. Tidal front is shown to be a typical element of the water stratification in the studied area, whose state and dynamics thoroughly in.quence the fisheries situations. It has been found out that commercial aggregations of fishes regularly pooled up and dispersed in the frontal zone, depending on the natural synoptic-scale processes taking place.


Summer Monsoon Calm Weather Tidal Front Frontal Interface Synoptic Variability 
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  • N. P. Bulgakov
  • P. D. Lomakin
  • I. A. Chekalin

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