Strength of Materials

, Volume 30, Issue 6, pp 606–610 | Cite as

Numerical analysis of composite shells of revolution with frames of complex shape

  • Yu. A. Sysoev
  • T. I. Levitskaya
Scientific and Technical Section


We consider the problem of application of the method of superelements to the numerical analysis of complex composite shells of revolution. The construction of the matrices of stiffness and forces for the superelements and the entire shell is carried out by the method of Godunov for the solution of systems of differential equations and operations over banded matrices. We also perform a comparative analysis of the effect of frames of different shapes on the stressed state of the shells.


Cylindrical Shell Local Coordinate System Global Coordinate System Composite Shell Global Stiffness Matrix 
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  • Yu. A. Sysoev
  • T. I. Levitskaya

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