Physical Oceanography

, Volume 8, Issue 3, pp 169–177 | Cite as

Modelling of the propagation and transformation of riverine waters over the north-western shelf and in the abyssal part of the Black Sea

  • E. N. Mikhailova
  • N. B. Shapiro
Thermohydrodynamics of the Ocean


To study the propagation and transformation of riverine waters in the framework of a multilayer model based on primitive equations, the method of through counting is suggested, involving two types of grids, namely, a fine grid in the north-western shelf area and a large-sized grid in the deep sea. It has been shown that, in the absence of wind, riverine waters propagate over the shelf and along the western coast of the sea. North-easterly wind presses this flow against the shore, thus intensifying it; as a result of this, brackish waters turn out to be nearly entirely driven from the north-western shelf area and concentrate in the western section of the open sea where they form a layer that is quasi-homogeneous, in terms of salinity. Due to the forcing of the north-westerly wind, riverine waters penetrate into the interior of the shelf area and then move southward toward the open sea, mixing up with the upwelling abyssal saltier waters and forming a tongue of relatively brackish waters in the central part of the western half-basin.


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  • E. N. Mikhailova
  • N. B. Shapiro

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