Physical Oceanography

, Volume 9, Issue 1, pp 55–70 | Cite as

Guiana current over North Brazil shelf and continental slope

  • N. P. Bulgakov
  • S. N. Bulgakov
  • V. N. Eremeev
Experimental and Field Research


Using thein situ currents measurements conducted during Cruise 41 of the R/VAkademik Vernadsky, we have considered the structure of the Guiana Current in winter over the shelf, continental slope and in the deep-water part of the ocean, adjoining the Brazilian coast. Regular variations of the current velocity with depth have been identified, and the current velocity's stability and variability determined. The paper examines how the barocline component of the hydrostatic pressure horizontal drop influences the current velocity's vertical profile. An attempt has been made to evaluate the current's transport.


Current Velocity Continental Slope Depth Level Shelf Edge Kinematic Structure 
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  • N. P. Bulgakov
  • S. N. Bulgakov
  • V. N. Eremeev

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