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Bromine residues in the soil and fruits of certain crops after soil fumigation with methyl bromide


Dried fruits of pole beans, cucumber and tomatoes taken from plants in a plastic house on treated and untreated soils with methyl bromide were analyzed for their Br content by X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopy. Fumigation rates were 0, 450 900, 1350 kg/Ha. Two samples were analyzed at three-week intervals. The highest Br residue in the fruits analyzed was 17.3 ppm. This residue is below the tolerance set by the U.S.D.A. and FAO/WHO. In the treated and untreated soils, the highest Br content was 61.9 and 15.4 ppm, respectively. In general there was a decrease in Br residues in both fruits and treated soil with time. There were no visual phytotoxicity effects even with the highest rate of fumigation.

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Nazer, I.K., Hallak, A.B., Abu-Gharbieh, W.I. et al. Bromine residues in the soil and fruits of certain crops after soil fumigation with methyl bromide. J. Radioanal. Chem. 74, 113–116 (1982).

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