Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry

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Cation exchange behaviour of silver at low concentrations



The distribution coefficient of silver for a strongly acidic cation exchanger of the sulfonic acid type was measured as a function of time, pH, the concentration of silver and of the bulk electrolyte. At lower pH, the distribution coefficient increases with increasing pH, with a slope of +1. The distribution coefficient then decreases with increasing pH with a slope between −0.2 and −0.3. The tendency was the same for four brands of exchanger. The distribution coefficient decreases with decreasing concentration of silver. The phenomena cannot be attributed to silver hydrolysis or silver radiocolloid formation but should be ascribed to the substance released from the exchange resin itself.


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  • T. Sato
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  1. 1.Chemistry DivisionJapan Atomic Energy Research Institute TokaiIbaraki(Japan)

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