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, Volume 41, Issue 12, pp 1245–1250 | Cite as

Pulsed magnetization of uniaxial films with arbitrarily oriented axis of easy magnetization

  • A. P. Abramova
  • E. N. Afanas'eva
  • D. I. Sementsov
Physics of Magnetic Phenomena


The particular features of the pulsed magnetization of thin metal magnetic films with an axis of easy magnetization lying in the plane of the film are investigated. The dynamics of the transition of the magnetization from one stable state to another, due to the action of a controlling plane magnetic field, depends very much on the mutual orientation of the axis of easy magnetization and the magnetizing field. By solving the equations of motion of the magnetic moment numerically, the time dependences of the orientation of the magnetic moment, corresponding to the process of magnetization due to the action of an increasing pulsed magnetic field with a rise time of τ, are obtained. By analyzing the solutions obtained, the angular dependences of the magnetization time, the dependence on the amplitude and rise time of the magnetizing field, and the damping parameter are constructed. Using the Bogolyubov-Krylov method, approximate analytic solutions of the dynamic equations are obtained, which agree with a high degree of accuracy with the numerical solutions for times exceeding τ.


Rise Time Angular Dependence Approximate Analytic Solution Pulse Magnetization Pulse Magnetic Field 
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  • A. P. Abramova
  • E. N. Afanas'eva
  • D. I. Sementsov

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