Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 40, Issue 3, pp 297–301 | Cite as

Local strain distribution in Ni3Ge crystals

  • Yu. A. Abzaev
  • Yu. V. Solov’eva
  • A. I. Potekaev
Solid State Physics


We have used a net method to study the distribution of stresses on two facets of Ni3Ge crystals deformed compressionally to a deformation ε=14 and 16% (near destruction) at experimental temperatures of 77 and 673 K, respectively. It is shown that the stress distribution is inhomogeneous over the sample. Stresses which exceed the average are distributed randomly over the sample at low temperature and in more localized fashion at T=673 K. The temperature has a significant influence on the nature of the deformation distribution. It is shown that the Shannon entropy of the normal distribution of local deformation values is determined only by the variance of random quantities. It is observed that as the temperature is raised to 673 K the Shannon entropy falls or we observe a self-organization of the local volume deformations.


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  • Yu. A. Abzaev
  • Yu. V. Solov’eva
  • A. I. Potekaev

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