Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 41, Issue 6, pp 552–554 | Cite as

Energy of local uniaxial distortions in the crystal lattices of 5d metals

  • V. S. Demidenko
  • L. F. Skorentsev
  • A. Yu. Moskvichev
Solid State Physics


A simple model is proposed for estimation of the internal-energy change that takes place in paramagnetic transition metals in real and virtual high-symmetry crystalline modifications under uniaxial distortions of the lattice. This change is analyzed as a function of electron concentration against the background of energy competition between the phases considered.


Electron Concentration Rhenium Interstitial Impurity Energy Advantage Intergranular Brittleness 
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  • V. S. Demidenko
  • L. F. Skorentsev
  • A. Yu. Moskvichev

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