Russian Physics Journal

, Volume 41, Issue 6, pp 534–541 | Cite as

Nucleon-nucleon correlations in the reaction of photoelectric production of a Δ isobar on a tensor-polarized deuterium target

  • A. Yu. Loginov
  • A. A. Sidorov
Elementary Particle Physics and Field Theory


Density matrix elements for a Δ isobar produced in the reaction γd→Δp are calculated in a relativistic momentum approximation. A correlation function is obtained for the directions of escape of the spectator proton and the nucleon from the decay Δ→Nπ. The influence of polarization of the target and of the potential of the nucleon-nucleon interaction on the correlation function is considered.


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  • A. Yu. Loginov
  • A. A. Sidorov

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