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Current subsurface seawater intrusion to base levels below sea level

  • Uri Kafri


The imperial Valley, Jordan-Dead Sea Rift, and the Afar and Oattara depressions, all regions below sea level and the only regions in the world so situated, are characterized by saline and hypersaline groundwaters and lakes, phenomena that to date have been solely attributed to ancient lagoons, salt dissolution, and evaporation Current subsurface seawater intrusion is herewith suggested as an additional mechanism responsible for the salination of these regions This type of dynamic seawater flow is feasible where there is (a) a base level below sea level with a hydrological continuity between the two levels, and (b) a low groundwater divide between the base levels with a shallow seawater/freshwater interface situated above the base of the aquifer


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  • Uri Kafri
    • 1
  1. 1.Geological Survey of Israel 30JerusalemIsrael

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