Physical Oceanography

, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp 299–310 | Cite as

Manifestations of the Black Sea undercurrent in the density and hydrostatic pressure fields

  • N. P. Bulgakov
  • S. N. Bulgakov
Analysis of Observations and Methods of Calculating Oceanic Hydrophysical Fields


Vertical kinematic structure of the geostrophic currents has been found to be correlated to the distribution of seawater density and hydrostatic pressure over depth. The conditions necessary for the existence of the undercurrent have been defined. On this basis, hydrological survey data compiled by the Marine Hydrophysical Institute in the Black Sea have been treated. Examples are given, which support theoretical deductions about the possible existence of the undercurrent beneath the Black Sea rim current. The undercurrent's parameters have been determined, along with the depths of the upper and lower boundaries and the mainstream velocity.


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  • N. P. Bulgakov
  • S. N. Bulgakov

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