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, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp 475–480 | Cite as

Electronic spectrum in a quantum double CdS/β-HgS/H2O cylindrical wire

  • I. V. Pronishin
  • V. V. Pazyuk
  • N. V. Tkach
Physics of Semiconductors and Insulators


The electronic spectrum in a cylindrical CdS/β-HgS semiconductor heterosystem of the quantum wire type located in an H2O dielectric medium is investigated. In the energy interval where the levels of both potential wells merge, there is a repulsion effect on the levels (a “bottleneck” effect). The nonmonotonic dependence of the electron and hole spectra on the thickness of the β-HgS film means that in experiments there is an instability of the energy position of the exciton lines in a certain frequency range.


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  • I. V. Pronishin
  • V. V. Pazyuk
  • N. V. Tkach

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