Measurement Techniques

, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp 441–444 | Cite as

Temperature error correction in acoustic level gauges

  • V. I. Bakalenko
  • I. O. Orbei
  • V. N. Khrol'
  • A. A. Vasilenko
Mechanical Measurements


The effect of gas mixture temperature on the readings of sonar level gauges was analyzed. The distribution of soil and air temperature with depth in the borehole was found. Expressions were derived for correction factors in measurements of pipe length and depth in boreholes. A level gauge is described in which the results are corrected with the aid of auxiliary measuremets.


Soil Temperature Sound Velocity Average Monthly Temperature Pipe Length Level Gauge 
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  • V. I. Bakalenko
  • I. O. Orbei
  • V. N. Khrol'
  • A. A. Vasilenko

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