Measurement Techniques

, Volume 40, Issue 10, pp 929–932 | Cite as

Experimental monitoring of the Earth's ionosphere using satellite navigation systems

  • V. A. Andrianov
  • L. S. Yunoshev
  • E. L. Mosin
  • V. K. Rusakov
  • V. M. Smirnov
Fundamental Problems of Metrology


A technique for determining the high-altitude profiles of the electron concentration in the ionosphere using the Glonass (Russia) and Navstar (USA) dual-frequency receivers incorporated into satellite navigation systems is developed. The technique is relatively simple and makes it possible to obtain measurements rapidly. It has been used in conducting experimental studies with the IMTS calibration stand produced by the All-Russia Scientific Research Institute for Physical and Radio Engineering Measurements.


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  • V. A. Andrianov
  • L. S. Yunoshev
  • E. L. Mosin
  • V. K. Rusakov
  • V. M. Smirnov

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