Measurement Techniques

, Volume 42, Issue 6, pp 541–550 | Cite as

Recovering vector field patterns by means of a two-dimensional fiber-optics measurement grid

  • Yu. N. Kul'chin
  • O. B. Vitrik
  • O. T. Kamenev
  • R. V. Romashko
Opticophysical Measurements


Tomographic recovery is considered for the vector field pattern obtained with a two-dimensional measurement network composed of fiber-optics measurement lines having a given integral sensitivity. A solution is found for cases where the output signals from the lines are generated by the projection of the vector and by the derivative of that projection with respect to the direction along the line, and also in response to the square of the vector projection.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Yu. N. Kul'chin
  • O. B. Vitrik
  • O. T. Kamenev
  • R. V. Romashko

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