Measurement Techniques

, Volume 40, Issue 5, pp 455–459 | Cite as

Metrological aspects of calibration of standard test blocks for ultrasonic flaw detection

  • O. V. Kapshar
  • V. S. Parnasov
Mechanical Measurements


Adjustment of ultrasonic detection sensitivity with the aid of standard tes blocks with noncircular reflecting surfaces is discussed. The shapes of reflecting surfaces and their angular position in the block with respect to the plane of entry of ultrasonic oscillations make it possible to use them for adjusting straight and oblique transducers. Composite test blocks for inspecting plane and rod-shaped materials are described.


Test Block Ultrasonic Transducer Ultrasonic Inspection Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Metrological Certification 
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  • O. V. Kapshar
  • V. S. Parnasov

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