Measurement Techniques

, Volume 41, Issue 12, pp 1133–1135 | Cite as

Evaluating the parameters of the signal of a laser-Doppler vibrometer

  • V. D. Zakharchenko
  • A. A. Bryzhin
  • A. F. Vasil'ev
Mechanical Measurements


The method of maximum similitude is used to estimate vibration characteristics on the basis of the signal obtained from a laser-Doppler vibrometer. The accuracy of the estimates is evaluated on the basis of statistical modeling, the results of which are also presented.


Probability Density Function Additive White Gaussian Noise Deterministic Function Spectral Energy Distribution Joint Probability Density Function 
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  • V. D. Zakharchenko
  • A. A. Bryzhin
  • A. F. Vasil'ev

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