Measurement Techniques

, Volume 43, Issue 4, pp 374–376 | Cite as

Measurement of the parameters of a dielectric in the millimeter-wave band

  • V. I. Gvozdev
  • V. I. Krivoruchko
  • L. P. Timofeev
Radio Measurements


Measuring equipment for monitoring the permittivity and loss of a medium by a non-contact method in the millimeter-wave band (λ=3.5 mm) is developed. The measurement error of the equipment using the reflection method is less than 2%.


Reflection Coefficient Reflection Method Brewster Angle Power Reflection Coefficient Measured Optical Characteristic 


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  • V. I. Gvozdev
  • V. I. Krivoruchko
  • L. P. Timofeev

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