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Determination of the shift of stowed material during ore breaking in a confined space

  • V. F. Abramov
  • V. A. Gorbunov
Rock Breaking


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    On the basis of the Johannson model and making the assumption that expansion of the gas is adiabatic, the authors have determined the gas pressure in the boreholes (cracks) at the moment of detachment of a layer of ore from the solid.

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    On the basis of the characteristics of the mechanical behavior of granulated material, which the confining medium consists of in the case in question, and using the energy approach, they have derived an equation of the movement of the detached ore layer, Eq. (15). In this connection the shift of the confining medium is a function of many parameters characterizing the explosive, the mechanical properties of the ore being detached and the confining material, and the technological dimensions.

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    They examine certain specific examples of calculation from Eq. (15). All the results are plotted on corresponding graphs and in Table 1



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  • V. F. Abramov
  • V. A. Gorbunov

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