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The effect of increased support resistance on the displacements of the periphery of an extraction drift in the Mel’nikov pit of the Pervomaiskugol’ group

  • L. P. Tkachenko
  • G. G. Sugarenko
  • B. T. Tupikov
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    In seaml4 of the D. F. Mel’nikov pit, it is possible to reduce the displacement of the periphery of the extraction drifts (during the maintenance period in the rock and in the zone of influence of the extraction working, by a factor of 3.0–3.5) by increasing the support resistance to 27 tons/m2 and thus to enable the workings to be preserved without maintenance.

  2. 2.

    The support resistance can be increased to 27 tons/m2 by strengthening the usual trapeziform support with a metal roof bar of section iron with hydraulic props having a constant-resistance characteristic.

  3. 3.

    In setting the hydraulic props it is necessary to take steps to prevent them from sinking into the floor. It is necessary to use a girder of channel iron or other equivalent means for this purpose.


The results of the experiment were taken into account in devising procedures for driving and supporting the eighth southern conveyer drift and the 7-bis southern drift of seaml4. Calculations revealed that druing maintenance of the drifts in the rock an economic gain of 14–17 rubles per meter of working can be obtained; furthermore, the safety of the miners and their working conditions were improved.


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  • L. P. Tkachenko
  • G. G. Sugarenko
  • B. T. Tupikov

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