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Explosive comminution of rocks

  • V. A. Gorbunov
Rock Breaking


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    The possibility of numerical modeling of rock comminution under dynamic loads with brittle cracking as the basic mechanism has been discussed. The calculational model for these purposes was developed at Stanford Scientific-Research Institute and is known as NAG/FRAG, i.e., crack nucleation and growth (fragmentation).

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    An analytical expression has been obtained for the proportionality factor of the region of crack influence on the contour of increased stress around the crack; see Eq. (26). It is evident from Eq. (26) that this coefficient is a function of the elastic (e, ν) and strength (ɛ*) parameters of the rock and also the applied stress.

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    Finally, the problem of the distribution of natural fracturing is posed by statistical means (the Monte Carlo method) in the calculational region.



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