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Calculating the impact pulse shape in research and development of percussion units in drilling machines with independent bit rotation

  • V. D. Andreev
Mechanization and Automation in Mining


  1. 1.

    At the Impact and Vibration Laboratory of the Skochinskii Mining Institute, we have developed an applied theory and engineering method for calculating the shape of the impact pulse in a drilling instrument, allowing for curvature of the colliding ends: it gives satisfactory agreement with experiment.

  2. 2.

    Formula (1) is universal and suitable for hand or machine computation. It can be used together with the method of characteristics to find the function σ=f(t) in very complicated cases.

  3. 3.

    This combined method of analyzing the percussion units of drilling machines with independent bit rotation permits us to obtain a real picture of the stresses, to find the weak points in the structure, and to find the most efficient values for certain characteristics of the percussion units of new drilling machines.



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