How do students live nowadays?

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Statistics on Housing and Construction in the Netherlands


In light of the statistical description of the housing situation of students, we can now give some answers to the questions posed at the outset.

The majority of all Dutch students live with their parents, but the greater part of the students attending vocational colleges and universities are living on their own. Only a small number of students are still living in the traditional student tenure: as a lodger with a landlord or landlady. Nowadays, students are living in purpose-built dwelling units or in a conventional dwelling. Compared to non-students in the same age group (18–30 years), students have to spend twice as much of their income on housing. Students' satisfaction with their housing situation is rather low. Nevertheless, only one-third of the students express a definite desire to move within two years. It is not known to what degree the housing situation of students explains the number of students that remain living in their parental home.


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