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Advances in MS-based approaches for drug and metabolism studies


Data for samples from thein vivo metabolism of diclofenac was acquired using a novel acquisition mode on a quadrupole-time of flight hybrid mass spectrometer. This mode allowed the discovery and identification of precursor ions of drug-related molecules, based upon the detection of accurately measured, pre-defined fragment ions and neutral losses. Real time data-dependent decisions were used to generate product ion spectra for glucuronide and sulfate conjugates of diclofenac eluting from an on-line LC separation.

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Castro-Perez, J., Hoyes, J., Major, H. et al. Advances in MS-based approaches for drug and metabolism studies. Chromatographia 55, S59–S63 (2002).

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Key words

  • LC-MS-MS
  • Quadropole-time-of-flight
  • Metabolism
  • Diclofenac