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Supercritical fluid extraction and high performance liquid chromatography determination of homosalate in lipsticks


Supercritical fluid extraction of homosalate is reported for the first time. Extraction parameters such as pressure, time of extraction, use of modifier, temperature and sample mass were studied. The proposed method was assayed for the extraction of homosalate in sunscreen lipsticks. Efficient recoveries were obtained after 5 min of dynamic extraction with supercritical CO2 and 15% ethanol as modifier at 300 bar and 60°C, flow rate 4 mL min−1. Extracts were dissolved in ethanol, and homosalate determined by HPLC using water—acetic acid—ethanol mobile phase and flow rate of 1 mL min−1. UV detection was at 309 nm using homosalate in ethanol solutions as standards, limit of detection 4 μg mL−1. The RSD was 0.4–1.0%. The results were comparable to real concentrations of samples and values by HPLC after dissolution of samples using tetrahydrofuran. The method, based on SFE, invovees low solvent consumption and, can therefore be considered a green procedure.

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Key Words

  • Column liquid chromatography
  • Supercritical fluid extraction
  • Homosalate in cosmetic products
  • Green chemistry