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Reconstructive limb-sparing surgery following resection of aggressive tumors of the extremities and pelvis

  • Norman S. Schachar
Instructional Lecture


Current strategies for limb-salvage surgery for bone and soft tissue tumors include improved staging and surgical techniques and neoadjuvant and adjuvant therapy. Conservative surgery for soft tissue tumors, using adjuvant therapy, is now established as a standard approach. A population-based, prospective cohort trial of neoadjuvant treatment in conservative surgery for soft tissue sarcomas has recetly been carried out. Data available on 40 patients followed for 24–110 months found that local control for conservative surgery for soft tissue sarcomas overall was 97.5%. Survival at 10 years was approximately 40% and did not seem to be changed despite a drop in local recurrence. These results have been applied to a cohort of patients with bone sarcoma, with equally promising results. Limb-sparing resection with osteoarticular allograft reconstruction in the proximal tibia, the distal femur, and the proximal humerus have yielded very good to excellent results. Osteoarticular allografts do give rise to a number of complications. Alternatives to allografts involve the use of implant arthroplasties, either custom-designed or modular in design, as well as intercalary allografts. There is increasing interest in using outcome data collection methodology to assess the quality of life of patients who have undergone reconstruction with limb-salage surgery following resection of aggressive lesions of the extremities and pelvis.

Key words

limb salvage neoadjuvant therapy soft tissue sarcomas implant allograft 


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