Hydrolytic enzyme activities and degradation of storage components in cotyledons of germinatingPhaseolus mungo seeds

  • Takao Minamikawa


Phaseolus mungo seeds were allowed to germinate in the dark, and time-course changes in contents of protein fractions, starch, soluble α-amino nitrogen and reducing sugars and in hydrolytic enzyme activities in cotyledons were investigated. In cotyledons of germinated seeds, marked increases in proteolytic (caseolytic, globulytic and gelatin-hydrolyzing) activities and amylolytic activity occurred with concurrent mobilization of storage proteins and starch. Removal of axis organs from seeds at very early stages of germination caused the deteriorated breakdown of storage components and decreased development of proteolytic enzymes in the cotyledons, but this treatment did not significantly affect the appearance of amylolytic activity. The experimental results are discussed in comparison with the hydrolytic enzyme activities of germinating seeds of other leguminous species.


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trichloroacetic acid


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  • Takao Minamikawa
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  1. 1.Department of BiologyTokyo Metropolitan UniversityTokyo

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