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Paragonimiasis westermani presenting as an asymptomatic nodular lesion in the lung: Report of a case


A 57-year-old man with a history of having consumed fresh-water crab 8 months previously presented with a solitary mass lesion in the left lung without any symptoms. Since neoplastic disease could not be ruled out, an open biopsy was performed, and histological examination confirmed a definite diagnosis of paragonimiasis. A high level of the anti-Paragonimus westermani antibody was detected in the sera of the patient, but this level decreased substantially 3 months after chemotherapy with bithionol.

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Yoshino, I., Nawa, Y., Yano, T. et al. Paragonimiasis westermani presenting as an asymptomatic nodular lesion in the lung: Report of a case. Surg Today 28, 108–110 (1998).

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